Mouth ulcer developed near extraction...very painful

Nov 26, 2017
Im new to this forum. Had #2 extracted 4 days ago. simple extraction was what I was told. developed a awful mouth ulcer
near the extraction on roof of mouth, cannot eat or drink at all. almost more pain than extracttion!! I am using orajel 24/7
and just hoping it will heal. So, the tooth pain decreased yesterday but today, my inner cheek near the extraction is hurting a lot
throbbing, and I cannot tell if my tooth is hurting or not bc the mouth sore is so painful!!!! Im worried I have a dry socket?? How can I tell?? I cannot seem to see up there into the socket...
I read that a canker ulcer can develop due to novacaine injection and trauma form the dental work can precipitate this....
Thank you for any input!!!


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