Pain when biting down after root canal and crown?

Mar 11, 2023
I had a root canal done about 6 weeks ago, and, after 5 weeks with a temporary crown, a permanent one placed 1 week ago. Tooth #14, which was cracked. I babied the tooth while I had the temporary crown--a pretty soft diet, and if I chewed something that was a bit chewy, it seemed to hurt a little at times. At first I thought the permanent crown was fine, and the dentist did the bite test with the wax paper. Now though, I just ate some crunchy kettle potato chips and that tooth hurt when I was chewing them with it. Does this sound like a normal post-root canal and crown symptom? Should I wait a while and see if it improves, or should I go back to the dentist (one dentist did both procedures) next week?


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