Pain in this weird shaped area

Feb 1, 2022
Hi ,

I had a very surprising upper wisdom extraction ( surgical )

As my teeth had a very weird root position ( dentist found while looked in CBCT scan)

Bone loss and than while extraction required bone cut .

All done well , suture removed 9 days ago .

Its been 2weeks+ of removal

But as shown in picture these weird shapes arised in the extracted teeth area and now it causing pain and pain radiates through my ear

What it is ?? I wanted to know IS IT BONY THING or What ??? .. i will still wait next 3 weeks as dentist saaid DO NOT IRRITATE THE EXTEACTED AREA as well as DO NOT GO FOR ANY DENTAL PROCEDURE TILL THAN
Later after 3 months Bone grafting is adviced by dentist ( i trust him as he is the only dentist who treat my entire family and me since my childhood )
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