Tooth pain for two years, what can I do?

Mar 10, 2022
In the summer of 2020, I had five teeth filled in due to cavities. I’ve had a history of grinding my teeth at night but this had never bothered me before and I only knew about it because my dentist had told me. Anyways, back to the dental appointment for my fillings, they did all five teeth and I went home. When I was at home and the novicane was starting to wear off I was chewing gum and noticed at the end of the day that one tooth (premolar) felt really sore. The next day it was incredibly sore so I stopped chewing on it. The next day when I tried to bite down, I had extreme pain. I let this go on for about a month before I returned to the dentist and he filed my teeth down, which was very painful. After about two to three months I had no relief. I went back to the dentist and they said they had found air bubbles in the filling so they redid two of the fillings. This is when the pain really kicked in. The tooth pain was so back I couldn’t even talk for about two weeks or I would risk putting pressure in that tooth. About three months later I went back to the dentist and he said the pain was due to me grinding on my teeth as the x rays looked okay. I bought a mouth guard but couldn’t even use it because I had to click it in and that was extremely painful to do. About three months went by I went to another dentist and they did a root canal. It’s been two months since I got the cap on the canal but my tooth still hurts and now the surrounding molar sometimes feel slight pain with I touch it as well. I recently got Botox to see if they could help the tooth pain since the first dentist said it was due to grinding but I’ve had no relief and I don’t want to go back to the dentist as I’m tired of having even further pain. I can explain my tooth pain as a sharp jab. In no point in time in the last two years have I’ve been able to chew on my right side but most weeks I can at least talk and chew and bite down on my left side without receiving extreme pain on my right. However, some weeks side can get extremely sensitive to the point where I get an extreme sharp pain if I chew on the side that’s not even hurting and even when talking. During those high sensitive days any pressure to the right side causes sharp jabs throughout the entire day. Fortunately my left side that had two of the molars filled are not in pain even though they had never been the same since the fillings either. I’ve had braces for two years and both wisdom teeth taken out and that pain was NOTHING compared to this two year nightmare. I truly and starting to believe it might be my bite as they when the pain first started they filled all five teeth, two on my right and three on my left. I don’t know what to do at this point and I have lost hope. I also don’t want to go to a dentist. I haven’t even had a tooth cleaning in two years because it hurts so bad. Is they’re any where I can go that specializes in tooth pain and can take the time to find out what’s wrong?


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day
There is a chance that the tooth might have an undiagnosed crack in it.Or missed canals. Especially if you grind your teeth. I would seek the advice of an endodontist, who has access to a CBCT to check for cracks or any missed canals


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