Pain after tooth extraction

Aug 7, 2016
Hello there,

I had a tooth extracted Thursday, August 4th. It's now 2 days after the extraction and it's still very painful.

I stopped taking Advil and Tylenol prescribed by my dentist because they were probably giving me allergies - I had red rashes all over through my body.

Today I decided to take a picture of the area where my tooth was extracted and I'm not sure what I'm seeing - it looks like the place around got really swollen. Is this normal? The tooth extracted was #14, on the top of my mouth.

I'll call my dentist on Monday for them to check out, but in the meantime, I wonder if you guys know what this could be.
Also, I've been feeling really weak since the extraction - I've been sleeping way more than normal, and when I wake up, I'm still feeling tired.

Thanks in advance.


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