Sudden pain 3 weeks after wisdom tooth extraction. Is it normal.

Dec 15, 2017
Some basic information: Male, Age 25, No previous medical issues, Good dental hygiene

I removed one of my wisdom teeth (upper right) nearly three weeks ago. The procedure went well according to my dentist, no complications. And for the first 2 weeks everything seemed well, and I experienced little to no pain during this time. Then, at the beginning of the third week after the extraction, I suddenly began to experience pain in the area of the extracted tooth. I would describe the pain as both stinging (right where the tooth was extracted), and generally dull radiating pain that covers my entire right jaw.

So far I've been able to control the pain with ibuprofen/tylenol, but I'm worried that I'm taking too many (so far 4/day for 5 days straight). I'm also worried that in these 5 days since I started experiencing the pain, nothing has changed. It has gotten neither worse nor better.

I went to see the dentist last night and he could find no reason for the pain. He said there's no sign of infection, and it's a bit too late for a dry socket. He also said that as far as he can tell, the extraction site looks fine and is healing nicely. In the end he suggested that my gum tissue may be a bit sensitive and the pain should go away in a few days.

Has anyone experienced similar symptoms so late after a wisdom tooth extraction? What was the cause? This is my first one, so I don't really know what to expect.
Dec 6, 2017
Could be nothing or could be the nerve was affected by the extraction. It's a potential complication which the dentist should be aware of.


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