Pain after having dry socket packing removed

Nov 6, 2017
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Hello all!

So i just had a quick question regarding a dry socket packing and its removal.

Last week i had 4 wisdom teeth removed and the procedure went great. Definitely not what I expected but very little pain. A dry socket formed on the bottom left of my mouth. I returned to the dentist and they filled the hole with a medicated paste/gauze strip. I returned today (after about 5 days of having it in) and then they removed it. The wound started bleeding while I was there but they said that that was normal. It is now only 2 hours later but I have a slight pain. It isn't close to as bad as it was before but should there still be pain after I get the packing removed? The hole is also massive so i was given a syringe to keep the wound clean.

Let me know please!



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