Wisdom teeth causing pain to all teeth?

Jul 23, 2019
Hello everyone, I am 21 yo

I apologise for my english in advance.

I went to the dentist after 3 years, when my wisdom teeth started hurting.

They have found only 1 cavity and weakened enamel at bottom right part because of acid reflux, I had also and x-ray where they found that cavity, however all of my teeth randomly hurt and more when i feel that my wisdom teeth are hurting.
My teeth are sensitive to sweet (I can feel pain in my back teeth).

So i would like to ask, is it normal that all of my teeth randomly hurt because of my wisdom teeth even front teeth?

I had been at hygienist and I had lot of culculus, when she was scrapping it off, it was not painful.
When my wisdom teeth are not pushing or not hurting i am chewing food normally and nothing hurts.

Thank you for the answer and wish you a great day!


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day,

Firstly a proper diagnosis can't be made without any clinical photos or radiographs, but it is entirely possible for wisdom teeth to cause pain to other structures especially if they are impacted.
Pain from 3rd molars can radiate to your ear leading to earache, headaches as well as neck pain.
It can also feel that all your other teeth are painful, due to something we as dentists refer to as referred pain.
If possible, rather visit a dentist for a full evalution

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