Pain when Flossing since I’ve Had Cavities Filled Two Months Ago

Jul 21, 2019

Two months ago I got two fillings for my teeth. They called it a kissing tooth cavity as the two teeth are next to one another, and the cavity developed in the area where the two teeth were touching one another. Each filling is a two surface, resin based composite filling on a posterior tooth, and it is on bottom teeth.

When I floss in between these two teeth I get some minor pain, especially when I pull the floss out. I only experience pain when I floss. There is no pain from chewing or when cold or hot comes in contact with the teeth. The pain seems to be less and less over time, but it is not disappearing. I haven’t told the dentist about this situation and I haven’t yet paid for the portion that my dental insurance did not cover. I no longer have dental insurance and I need to be very cost conscious in dealing with this.

What should I do about this situation? Thanks in advance.



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Unfortunately sensitivities like what you're experiencing can happen after fillings. I would suggest having a followup x-ray (bitewing angle) to see if the fillings have any defects. If no defects are present, try to ease the floss out without popping it out.


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