Need some advise re: flat gums - replacing old veneers

Nov 9, 2022
I have old veneers on my four front teeth (25+years) I also have periodontal disease. I had LANAP surgery about 6 years ago, and the perio is stable now. I am finishing up Invisalign treatment, so I am now ready to replace my old veneers. This time, I am going to go for 10 on top. The issue is that I have a lot of bone loss and my gums are now flat. I have visited several cosmetic dentists in my area and I am getting mixed opinions. Some dentists think veneers would be best and others think crowns. I was also advised that a bridge with gum colored *triangles* on top would look best.

I am thoroughly confused! I don't want my teeth to look too long and too bulky. I want to be sure that most of the black triangles are covered. I have attached some photos. Trying to make the right decision here, so appreciate any insight on this matter. Thank you!


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