In desperate need of bridge advise


May 14, 2017
Hi this is a bit of a long one so please bare with me.
I lost my 21 in an assault 15 years ago and was given a partial denture during healing then a standard nhs bridge which used my 11 and 22 as abutments. 10 years later I got fixed braces which required the bridge to be cut and changed to a temporary to allow movement, I had jaw realignment surgery as part of the treatment and just had the braces removed in April this year. Obviously the bridge then needed replaced.
I went to my dentist who instantly said the cost would be £450 he thought. I questioned this as an nhs cost but he said it would be best to go private for the aesthetics, But if I wanted I could do nhs. He said hed call me later to confirm the cost. His receptionist rang the next day to say it was £750 (a price I thought was more realistic) But I'm annoyed how significant the misquote was.
Whilst discussing the bridge with the dentist I said that I hated the difference between my 2's on my temporary bridge (the 22 has always appeared to have heavy recession compared to the 12 and has always appeared much bigger). I requested the lab add a papilla between the 2 and 1 on the bridge to improve this and generally make it smaller.
Photos where taken and a shade match of 2 vita colours were chosen.
On the day of the fit, I was advised that papilla had not been added because the lab did not think I'd like it but the dentist had been unable to ring me to discuss this because he didn't have my number (even though they'd rang about the price change)
The bridge didn't fit and the dentist caused me a lot of pain trying to make it fit.
He then made a temporary bridge with a composite build up of A3 when my teeth are shade B1. He said he'd contact the lab and call me when it could be refitted (this was important to know because I needed my replacement retainer made at my orthodontist the following day to avoid relapse). No one called me so I called the next day and was told by the practice manager that no one had advised her I needed a call. (I think that's all the customer service issues)
The bridge was fitted and I hate it. The first thimg i said was that the 22 still looks massive, the dentist said "well its stuck in now, with really strong glue". He then said to give it a few day to get used to and come back with any problems.
The 22 is still too big in comparison to the 12. The colour doesn't match my other teeth. The 11 has a kind of natural shape to it but the 22 and 21 just look like a rectangle of white plastic with softened edges and with a dent down the front. The 11 is slightly longer so the whole thing looks like it's tilted and the midline is off. I personally think my original nhs bridge was a better match to the rest of my mouth. It's like my other teeth weren't taken into consideration at all. All it does is fill the gap.
I'm so upset because I only went private for the aesthetics and it's more noticeable than ever. Friends have actually said they had never noticed my bridge until now.
I just want some advice on where I stand before I go back? I wasn't given a treatment plan or contract or anything and ideally I want my money back to go somewhere else. If he offered to redo it I'd be worried it will be just as bad the next time, especially if the same lab do it. Also there's a very heavy bite on my 41 and the bridge now which is starting to hurt. I thought going private would mean it would look more natural? Should it not be less bulky and be a more perfect shade match and have anatomical features? Surely going price isn't all about the materials used?


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