My teeth started braking down (I am 19 years old)

Nov 22, 2019
Hello everyone,

A little backstory, I am not into this medical terminology so im gonna try to make sense out of it as much as possible.

Since I was born I had issues regarding my oral health, it was something that I got genetically from my Father, I would keep hygine do all the routine stuff however cavity and gum problems were a constant problem.When I was 12 (7 years ago) my teeth started to corrode and started to crumble down.I went to a dentist and he sealed them with a filling, it was all good until a couple of years later when I started smoking and my oral health went into nowhere but down, I quit smoking just to figure out that half of my teeth started to brake down again, getting the same problem as I did but now its even worse. This month alone every morning im finding out that Im missing teeth from my mouth, this morning I woke up with an entirely broken number 1 tooth.From what I read online, it is possibly an Advanced Paradentosis. Tommorow im off to a dentist to see what am I gonna do next.

My question is, how can I prevent something like this from happening in the future and is this gum disease curable?

Thank you all in advance



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Your best solution is to give the dentist a full history of your teeth, and an honest talk about your diet, hygiene, and general health (e.g. smoking, medical conditions, drug use) .


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