Orthodontics post wisdom teeth removal/crowns, etc.?

Sep 9, 2018
I am in my mid-30's, male and am trying to weigh a few things and understand the best order to go about things. Some background...

I have recently had two wisdom teeth removed, a few root canals and crowns on the right and left side along with some fillings. Essentially a lot of work that needed to be done is getting done. I still have to get one more crown completed on a tooth on the right side of my mouth that has had a root canal done so far. I am though noticing after the work that has been done thus far that my overall bite doesn't feel the same as before. I am thinking it may have something to do with one of the crowns. I don't have a high bite, it actually feels like my teeth sink down more now when I force myself to bite. The main issue is I feel I need to reach further to make a bite and my mouth doesn't naturally want to close like before. So more of a bite when I am trying to make it happen, but it is making my front and bottom two tooth (8/9 & 24/25) touch each other more and creating a pushing/tension feeling that wasn't there before. It's very slight but something I feel didn't exist before and want to determine what the issue is. Some some more background, the dentists were not able to make a mold of the existing tooth prior to doing a root canal as the tooth had shattered prior, so the crown fits but I am guessing the top of the tooth wasn't made to match and they did some grinding until the bite felt right at the time.

My main questions are:
1) Is this bite issue a normal sensation post receiving a number of procedures and it may need time to "settle" back to where things were?
2) Or is this something else and orthodontics can fix it or determine the issue on? If so, what is the process, a full mouth/jaw x-ray?
3) If I wanted to do braces/invisalign, should I get the remaining left wisdom teeth removed and have the crown put on the final tooth and then do the orthodontics to get this "back in order"?

Thank you!

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