Loose tooth with localized bone loss. Can it be saved?

Oct 14, 2021
Hi All,

I have an upper Pre-molar that has become rather loose due to localized periodontal bone loss.


How the bone got lost, not entirely sure. It did have a poor bite... kept hitting (catching) the high point of that tooth repeatedly when chewing (through lateral motion)

The tooth has been tested as still being vital (receiving blood flow and sensitive to stimuli) by my present dentist. There is no pain that I know of apart the sensation of shifting around in it's socket if I happen to (accidentally) chew with it.

While I would prefer to try and save the natural tooth before going down the extraction + implant route, what is the likelihood this tooth can be saved? (e.g using a composite splint and possible bone graft?)

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Dr M

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May 31, 2019
Good day

Have you been referred to a periodontist? They usually do a tooth by tooth analysis, taking into consideration all local factors as well as systemic factors, to determine if a tooth can be saved or not. My opinion is always to try and save your own teeth when possible, because once a tooth is gone, it is gone for good.
A proper deep root planing, treatment of any other underlying or contributing factors including adjusting the bite, might stabilize the tooth.

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