Impacted wisdom tooth help!

May 16, 2014
Im in search of advice on what to do..
Two weeks ago I had to visit a dentist for a infection of my wisdom tooth. He started me on a 10 course of clindamyacin and 5mg of Norco. 3 days of starting this I called him and told him the pain was too intense and I requested to see him asap. When I went in he removed the molar right next to the impacted wisdom tooth. And referred me to a oral surgeon to get the wisdom tooth surgically removed. I cannot get in to our only oral surgeon in the area just for a evaluation until June 18th than I don't know when I actually will receive
the surgery (hopefully soon) last night I went to the ER in severe pain and facial swelling
the ER doctor gave me more of the pain medication and gave me another 10 day course of the clindamyacin. I still have facial swelling and it doesn't seem that the Norco is giving me any relief its a very deep throbbing pain. I have a lot of concern 8 years ago I was hospitalized for a week for a dental infection that ended up turning into osteomyelitis I ended up on antibiotics for a long period of time and getting the tooth extracted this was on the other side of my mouth tho. I also have had MRSA twice not dental but I don't know if that could be a possibility of all this pain. Im really stuck on what to do, I hurt so bad to the point I cant sleep eat. Should I go back to ER or maybe my dentist? This is horrible please help!!


Apr 2, 2014
You need to have the source of the problem treated as soon as possible. It sounds like the antibiotic is not working. Perhaps you can try a different antibiotic. Can you travel a little farther to see an oral surgeon who has openings sooner? You need to have the tooth removed ASAP because the constant presence of infection in your blood stream can adversely affect other parts of your body. I hope you feel better soon.

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