Does it look like My 2nd molar needs extraction? (xray pics) - I had an impacted wisdom

Oct 10, 2017
Hello everyone, I'm glad we have great resources nowadays like this message board!

I just left the dentist thinking I would need to get my 2nd molar extracted but this dentist said I need a root canal and crown. What is your opinion? Should i get the root canal + crown or extracted?

X-ray pics:

  • I had an impacted wisdom tooth that grew completely sideways. I waited too long for extraction and it ended up damaging the 2nd molar. sorry no xrays of that. I opted for a filling and that's what you see in the xray.
Dentist #1:
Two years ago when I had this wisdom tooth extracted that dentists said I would need to get my 2nd molar extracted due to the damage.

Dentist #2:
today this dentist said root canal + crown. He said I had bone loss due to food getting in between my gums. I kinda feel that's incorrect. I believe the impacted wisdom tooth caused that bone loss. That was exactly where the wisdom tooth was.

My conclusion:
It doesn't hurt. But I get bad breath from this tooth, im sure of it.
1. the bad breath is because there is still tooth decay under that filling (my conclusion)
2. the bad breath is from the bone loss and gap between the tooth and gum allowing food to get in. (#2nd dentist conclusion)

Where do you think the bad breath is coming from conclusion 1 or 2?


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