Help! What am I doing wrong?!

Jun 9, 2023
Hi, I’m 26 years old and have recently had some dental issues come up that I want to address properly.

These dark spots on my teeth appeared one day seemingly out of nowhere. The ones on my big front tooth and the two middle bottom teeth are specifically new. I do drink coffee, but I have for years and never had this issue. I drink it through a straw and try to swish some water in my mouth between sips to mitigate staining. It’s only once a day for 10 minutes max, not sipping on it all day. I brush twice daily, floss every night, use mouthwash 2-3x daily, tongue brush, the whole bit.

At my recent dental appointment, I was told that I had gingivitis and needed to floss. I was so perplexed by this and when I told them I flossed everyday and the dentist just seemed to not believe me and kept giving me that advice.

This was before the spots I mentioned showed up, but I already had the darker spots on my gum line which I learned was from gum recession. I did learn that it’s probably because I was brushing too hard and too long…so I’ve been more cautious of that. I use a sonicare toothbrush, an SLS-free tooth builder toothpaste and a fluoride mouthwash once daily. I also use a gingivitis mouthwash (am + pm) and a sea salt one to gargle with.

I don’t eat a lot of sugar, I avoid whitening products because of sensitivity and don’t want to do any more damage to my enamel. I used to whiten them a lot in my early teens which may be worth noting. It just seems like I do all the right things and my teeth still look awful and are only getting worse.

Any advice? My teeth look so disgusting and I obviously want them to be healthy. Are scraper tools safe to use around the gum line if I have a history gingivitis and gum recession? Any take on the rotation type brushes like oral b vs sonicare? I hear mixed things about it. Opinions on water flossers/piks ?

I would really appreciate any advice,


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