Having a mystery meltdown. Critical thoughts needed, please help.

Nov 6, 2013
So, about 3.5 months ago I started to notice very weird symptoms....dizziness, disorientation, nausea, weakness. At first I thought it was just anxiety so I kept quiet and tried to deal with it on my own. Then, my head started hurting on the left side and pounding. Then, the left side of my neck started to swell up, then my lymph nodes on my neck and underneath my arms (and even behind my legs) began to hurt off and on. THEN, I started experiencing tingling and numbness throughout the left side of my head and neck. At this point I went to the ER. While there they gave me an MRI of my brain, which check out to be normal. All of my blood work, normal as well.
Then I went to the dentist after researching on my own more. Alas, they found 10 cavities. Three of them REALLY bad and in need of root canals (all on my left side where the neck swelling and head pains/sensations have been) These infections were going into my nerves and jaw even. Well, I had the third root canal yesterday done by one of the best root canal dentists in the Midwest. During this appointment he said one of the other two root canals I had done might have to be extracted because the dentist that did it, "over filled" it and went way to deep, consequentially making a way for harmful bacterias. He also said it looked like it might have small cracks in the tooth.
The most disconcerting about all of this is, now I'm feeling constant tingling, muscle twitching in my legs!! Like all the time! I have no idea how this could be related but all that I know is that I NEVER had ANY of these issues until all these dental infections caught up with me.
It seems pretty coincidental that these issues would begat me all at this same time.
At first I thought auto immune disease like MS but, like I said my brain MRI looked totally normal so, I don't know what's going on but this is REALLY depressing me. This may sound silly but, is it possible for a bad tooth/tooth infection(s) to set off nerves and sensations in other parts of the body? Perhaps a response to bacterial infection in my mouth? I'm totally miffed.
My general doctor had no idea what to make of this and just wants to put me on masking medications for it. Despite my third root canal, the left side of my neck is still swollen and my throat just feels tight, I have intermittent pain behind the left ear as well...I generally feel weak and fatigue and am quite nauseas off an on throughout the day/night. The good news is, the dental work i've had done so far has helped in subsiding much of the equilibrium and severe dizziness/disconnected feeling issues I was having. Also, before the work i've had done thus far, my neck was ballooned up even bigger than it is now. But I still have significant swelling that hasn't subsided though.
I still have four/five untreated cavities on my right side to be taken care of, although indications from the X-rays anyway, indicate that they aren't as severe or root canal worthy. The left side of my head isn't in like acute pain or anything, but the whole sensation of the left side of my head is just off feeling, it feels different than my right side of my head.
What the heck do you guys think is going on?? I'm so worried and depressed, i'm starting to feel hopeless and defeated about my life in general now. I was feeling fit and healthy up until August really. Also my older brother died from dental issues back in 2000, following a couple root canals...the bacterias from those infections went to his heart and he died in his sleep so, perhaps there is a special hereditary thing going on here I don't know, but that's obviously been on my mind as well. What do you guys think???? Please help me.
Sorry this was so long, thanks for reading.

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