Failed Root Canal and pain for over 6 months!

May 6, 2020
So last year I had two root canals on my second premolars. One was emergency and the dentist said if I waited a bit more I could've gotten a serious infection. (Other dentist didn't see the need for a root canal so she closed a very infected tooth). The root canal failed and I was in too much pain they took the tooth out.

The other premolar was done too, went well, was pain free for few months. Around winter time I got a cold and after the cold it started hurting. They opened it but the pain just never went away. They tried to save it and I would have only pain in the gum for most of it but it seemed that it won't heal.

In march I was supposed to have it treated but dentists closed and I was told that unless it hurts actively to wait it out. It didn't hurt actively but my gum hurt between the two teeth and it was uncomfortable to eat.

It started hurting again and the dentist finally gave up, saying that we will take it out on Friday and he put me on antibiotics just in case.

I am scared I waited too long with a chronic infection in my mouth for months. I am scared I will develop sepsis or meningitis when they take it out in couple days. Has anyone experienced anything like this with a chronic painful tooth canal? My dentist said he has saved teeth after two years of this but doesn't want to put me through that, especially since my jaw is very small and I was supposed to have one pair of premolars out anyway.



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Hopefully your dentist will provide his clear reasons for his treatment plans. If not, try to post some x-rays.


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