Extracted tooth - possible effect on other teeth

Feb 11, 2022
Sorry I originally posted on the wrong forum!!

I had a lower right side molar extracted 13 days ago. My dentist was unable to get the roots out due to being flaky. I'm going to have oral surgery to have the roots removed in the next 3 to 6 weeks by a specialist. After extraction I had bad pain for 3 days and then less but steady pain which comes and goes since. The dentist says it might well last until after the oral surgery.

On my lower and upper left side molars and I have been experiencing regular niggles. The lower has a back molar and a gap from previous extraction. It's hard to pinpoint where the niggle comes from.
The upper molars and premolars, since the extraction I have been getting regular niggles. Again it's hard to pinpoint the exact location.
I have returned to my dentist twice since the extraction and she has tried to re-assure me. The lower left she says could be due to movement of the solitary molar or chewing food on the gap. The upper left she put down to possibly bits of food irritating between my tight teeth.
She has xrays taken 6 months ago and seems reluctant to take any more. She says everything looks fine on them.

Due to ongoing dental work over the 6 weeks I have been in a poor way mental health wise - being unbearable for my poor wife. Am I just overreacting or right to be concerned?


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