Discomfort/pain on my gums near teeth area

Jun 2, 2022
Hello BG’s. For about a week or two I’ve had discomfort/mild sharp pain (not enough for me to take any pain medication) on my gums, upper right area behind teeth. The Occlusal night guard there I wear all day (for grinding) causes the pain to elevate.

Every 3 months I go to the Dentist to do cleaning which includes Periodontal Maintenance:

Gingival Irrigation - Per Quadrant
Topical Application of Flouride Varnish.
Application of Desensitizing.
Perio Charting.

Last treatment was 5/9/22.

Today, I went to my Dentist to pick up a new night guard (old was broken/worn out). Took X-Rays. Discovery: Tarter buildup and Hygienist also talked about pockets there. Apparently, my flossing technique was not good meaning I was moving too fast to get through the process. I needed to spend more time running the floss around the side walls of tooth to remove plaque.

Any Advice?


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