Chronic Gum Pain & Discomfort Following Frenectomy/Gum Graft from 2.5 Years Ago

Jun 9, 2014
Hi there,

I've experienced chronic gum pain where a frenectomy/gum graft was performed on my lower front gums for the past 2.5 years. I've seen lots of different dentists and doctors but none have been able to solve the problem.

I was recently referred to the Academy of Laser Dentistry by the dentist who performed the frenectomy/gum graft. He recommended that I look into doing laser therapy. I am currently searching for a dentist who is knowledgable in this area in San Diego. I've contacted some ALD certified dentists in the area but they don't do laser therapy for gum pain.

If you feel as though you may be able to help me or send me in the right direction for this unique problem please let me know and I would be extremely grateful.

History and potential factors for my chronic mouth pain:

• I'm a healthy 24 year old male residing in San Diego, CA.

• On Dec. 28th, 2011 I had gum graft surgery & frenectomy to correct receding gum line in Colorado.

• On June 8th, 2012 (about 6 months after the gum graft/frenectomy surgery) I put a small (capsule sized) amount of MDA (similar to MDMA) in my mouth at a concert which made direct contact with the graft area. The chemical temporarily gave my mouth an unpleasant chemical burning sensation but went away after about 30 minutes. This may or may not be related to the pain I experience.

• I've seen many different professionals regarding this issue with no luck in finding a solution or any real direction on how to solve it:

• Endodontist: Concluded there was nothing wrong with the roots of my teeth in that area by conducting a cold test

• Periodontist: Several Periodontists have looked at the area and said it looks normal and are not sure what the issue is

• Neurologist: I saw Neurologists at UCSD who were not sure what the issue is or how to solve it

Symptoms detailed description:

I experience frequent mouth pain where his frenectomy was (lower front gums). The pain and discomfort feels like some type of nerve damage and is always changing, and can be intense, throbbing, tingling pain for more than 24 hours, or I can be free of most symptoms for up to 24 hours at a time. Most of the time, there is a dull, aching discomfort. It feels like a pinching sensation on the inside of the lower front gums where the frenectomy was, and sometimes feels numbingly painful, similar to being very cold without the temperature sensation. The area is sensitive to cold and hot water, and seems to go away during and immediately following chewing on food. Over the past 2.5 years the overall sensation has not increased or decreased in intensity outside of its consistent pain spectrum (although it fluctuates in intensity on a daily basis within the pain spectrum).

Here's an image outlining where I feel the pain/discomfort.


Again, if you feel as though you may be able to help me or send me in the right direction for this unique problem please let me know and I would be extremely grateful.


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