Discomfort 2 Weeks After Root Canal

Apr 22, 2022
I recently had two root canal procedures done within the same month (on tooth #14 & #15) after they both got infected following one crown prep and one filling. The root canal on #15 was done two weeks ago in one session with an endodontist, and I saw my general dentist a week later to place the permanent filling. While the temperature sensitivity is gone along with the bite pain, I'm still feeling some persistent discomfort in that tooth and the surrounding area of my mouth. The discomfort level seems to vary between mild and almost non-existent (appears to fluctuate day-to-day) I went back to the endodontist a couple days ago and they did another CT scan and X-ray to confirm that they didn't miss any canals.

He suggested that I give it some time, and if I was still feeling discomfort they could always go back in and "widen" the canals where they did the original procedure. I just wanted to see if it's common to experience mild-to-moderate discomfort after a root canal treatment even after a few weeks. I'm not particularly worried about them going back in a second time (except for potential cost of course), but I don't want to repeat the process if it's potentially unnecessary.


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