Dental Insurance and Dentists not fixing my teeth.

Oct 15, 2018
Hello Everyone,
I am having the worse time getting restorative care. Ok, I need a lot of work done. I suffer from dental phobia because of some bad experiences. I recently said enough is enough and told myself I will do everything in my power to beat this. As soon as I developed this positive attitude towards my dental needs and health, I experienced more problems. A dentist pulled a tooth while I was screaming and crying for her to stop but she keeps going. I even went back to this office and asked for another dentist. My problem is trying to find a dentist who will want to save my front teeth before extracting my root tips. I Plan to get a few implants but need to get bonding or caps on the front. A few days ago one of my top front tooth broke. I have been to 2 different offices the past few months hoping to meet a nice, polite dentist who does not humiliate me. Almost like they want to give up on me. Today, I saw a new one because he was part of my insurance and Hoping to get a temporary crown, bridge or something so I can eat again and not cry. I even tell dentists that I will pay cash or credit and forget about my insurance. I NEED SOMETHING NOW! This had made me so depressed and I am losing faith in dentists and myself. I am a beautiful girl but was abused for years and prescribed medication I thought I needed . In return , acid reflux , dry mouth and shame. So I left crying because they wanted me to come back in 2 weeks. I dont get it. Any advice. I live in Los Angeles, I'm 44 and hope there are still dentists out there who do work the same day. I have missed so much because Im ashamed. I used to be a confident. What suggestions could you give me so I can get work done immediately . I have had 3 sets of full x-rays in 6 months. Is it not possible anymore to get a dentist to do fillings, temporary crowns, bridges or temporary partials? 20181015_145720.jpg 20181015_145510.jpg


Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
Please be patient. Good work is not rushed. I would ask friends, family, coworkers, etc for a good dentist. Meet with that dentist and discuss all of your needs, expectations, phobias, difficulties, etc. During that discussion, you will know if you feel comfortable with him or her and be given realistic expectations and treatment plan after a full examination.

There are a lot of factors that can impact your teeth. Home care is very important. If you don't take meticulous care of your teeth such as ineffective brushing, lack of flossing, and poor plaque control, you will continue to have deteriorating dental conditions. If you continue to bathe your teeth with soda, Starbucks, energy drinks, acidic juices, etc, your teeth along with any dental work will fail. If you lose motivation and continue with irregular dental visits, you will know the results. Control any medical conditions such as diabetes, acid reflux, heart conditions, high blood pressure, etc as best as you can. This is a lifetime commitment and anything less will not get the results you want.


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