Dental Implants After Care Tips.

Dec 28, 2012
The following information provides some useful tips to help aid the healing process of teeth implants.

IF LOCAL ANESTHESIA WAS USED: Usually the anesthesia usually lasts 3 to 4 hours. To avoid injury to the tongue, cheeks or lips, avoid chewing until the numbness goes away. It is also advisable to avoid hot drinks and / or foods until the effects disappear completely.

At eating time: Avoid any excessive pressure on dental implants. You should only eat soft, nutritious foods for a period of 2-4 weeks. Avoid sticky or hard foods and also maintain a high protein diet.

Medications: Take antibiotics and pain relief pills as prescribed. Do not stop taking antibiotics, according to the time prescribed by the doctor. If you have any side effects caused by the medication, call your dentist. Take painkillers, only if necessary.

Hygiene: Avoid brushing the area with surgical bandage around the implant; rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash at least 2 times a day. That will help keep the implant area always clean.
Physical activity: Avoid physical activities and heavy lifting. This may cause bleeding around dental implants.

If you drink alcohol: Avoid it for 2 weeks until the tissues surrounding the implants heal correctly.

If you smoke: Avoid smoking for at least 3 days before surgery and for 2 weeks after treatment, otherwise the healing process will be slower than normal. In addition, the substances contained in cigarettes can cause other negative reactions.

Food and Drinks: Avoid foods or hot drinks, spicy or acidic. Do not eat crunchy or hard food, because this will put more pressure on the dental implant. A surgical dressing is placed around the area of dental implants. This curettage should remain in place for two weeks and do not use a toothpick or touch the dental implant area with your tongue.

Ice pack: An ice pack should be applied externally on the dental implant site, as much as possible during the first 3 days. This will help reduce inflammation.

Dentures: If you wear dentures, this will loosen a bit to not apply pressure to the dental implant. The denture is placed with a protective dressing and should not be removed for two weeks.

Lightly brush the dental implant site after you have removed the surgical bandage. (Usually two weeks after surgery). Apply some mouthwash to your toothbrush and brush gently around the treated areas.

Resume normal cleaning of the area around the dental implant.

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