Dental implant, tooth #8is a veneer needed for tooth #7?

Oct 2, 2022
Dental implant, tooth #8…is a veneer needed for tooth #7?

Hi all, I’m looking for advice regarding my situation. I have pics on Imgur for reference as well: .

After many years, my root canal on tooth #8 failed. I had the tooth extracted before the pandemic, had bone grafting, and Invisalign trays for 3 years. The process took longer than usual due to the pandemic and my mom’s health failing and her passing away.

Now I’m in the process of placing my permanent crown, but the lab and my dentist are having issues with the shading. My teeth are pretty white (shade A2 with some translucency). Tooth #7 has some inconsistencies in the shade which is causing shading issues with the crown for tooth #8. I went to a previous dentist who ripped off a bottom portion of tooth #7 during an impression. So that left the tooth jagged. My current dentist placed composite over the tooth. But the shade of the composite and my natural tooth are hard to match to the new tooth #8 crown.

My dentist said if the lab can’t match the shade correctly (they’ve tried 3 times already), then I will have to get a veneer on tooth #7. I really don’t want to do this as an option. I don’t understand why this is needed when I had a tooth #8 crown for over 20 years, which was shaded accurately without ever needing a veneer on tooth #7. Is a veneer needed when you have a dental implant on tooth #8?

My dentist requested the lab to shade the tooth again. My dentist also wants me to come in on Tuesday for teeth whitening to help with the shade issue. But wouldn’t it make sense to have the lab re-shade the crown, then do in office teeth whitening to match the crown? Could anyone please advise me on this situation? It’s becoming incredibly stressful and I just want my smile back.

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