Dental implant, periodontist or oral surgeon?

Feb 23, 2021
Hi ,
Hi, so im considering getting implant on my lateral incisor, i lost tht tooth back when i was in middle school n now i’m 32yro.i’ve been wearing bridge ever since then. About 7 yrs ago i did try to get implant, my periodontist performed bonegraft n 1 yr later when i was supposed to get implant, she found out my body didn’t take in all the bonegraft n not enough bone to put the implant so she did another bonegraft, which 2-3 months later after my second bonegraft, it got infected so i had to remove the bonegraft, then I decided to just get Maryland bridge instead of trying to get another bonegraft.

But now my Maryland bridge started to get lose so i’m considering to get an implant again. Recently, I went to 2 diff dentists for consultation, both are well respected dentist around my area. 1st i went to oral surgeon, he took 3d scan, ct scan after he looked at them he think implant is not an option considering how much bone i had lost, n the area where the implant supposed to go is really narrow, hard to do bonegraft , he told me to stick with Maryland bridge

Then i Went to get second opinion from a periodontist, after reviewing the ct scan taken from previous oral surgeon office, he told me , there’s a lot of bone lost but he sure he can do the implant but he has to open up the area to decide whether to do implant n bond graft at the same time or do bonegraft first then after it heal, do the implant. When i asked him, What happened if it failed agaim. But he is very confident it won’t.

Btw my first n second bonegraft was using xenograft . This time the perio will use allograft. I wonder if my body rejected xenografts, will it likely to reject allograft?

I’m really bummed about it. I dont know what to think. Considering what i went through before. Should i get third opinion? But should i go to
Oral surgeon or periodontist.

Thank you for reading this long pathetic dental story of mine.

Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

Firstly both specialists deal with the placement of implants. Periodontist are however more specialized with regards to peri-implant tissues, such as gum level, emergence profile, grafting etc.
To understand rejection, you have to understand the definition of the previous graft you received.
Xenograft-usually from a different species, such as bovine or porcine.
Allograft-bone from a deceased donor or cadaver that has been cleaned and stored

It is possible to rather reject xenografts than allografts, although the success of the grafting procedure is dependant on a host of factors, including patient immune status, medication use, oral hygiene, home-care, clinician skill and surgical technique.
That being said, it is not say the second grafting procedure won't be successful.
As long as you understand all procedures have their risks.


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