Default Pressure on adjacent tooth after dental implant?

Dec 23, 2015
I had a dental implant crown put on today. The backside of the crown is very tight and pitting pressure on the tooth behind it which is the last tooth on the upper left side. It is hard to get floss through it.
My dentist adjusted both the front and back of the implant. It was super tight on first try in. My question is , is it normal to have this pressure and will it eventually go away. In the past i had a simliar problem and my dentist had to use a abrasive strip thing to go between the teeth to relieve the pressure. Is this something i should just wait and see with? I know an implant doesnt budge so that would mean my real tooth behind it would be the one to move and adjust.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Zuri Barniv

Verified Dentist
May 17, 2015
If you can floss but it is very tight, you might give it more time to see if, indeed, the teeth behind and in front of it shift slightly and make it easier. If you cannot floss it at all, then it's time for the dentist to get out the abrasive strips.

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