Blister on upper lip 1 week after filling replacement

Sep 24, 2015
2 weeks ago yesterday I had an old silver fillings replaced on tooth 15, surface OB. While working on the filling, my dentist had his mirror handle right on the inside of the upper lip. He was trying to get a better look at the filling, but was pressing down hard enough with it on my upper lip that it was causing some serious pain. It did get to the point I told him to stop, he apologized, and repositioned the mirror. The rest of the procedure went smoothly. I do not really remembering feeling pain in the lip after that. I do remember walking out of the office and spitting out a small piece or 2 of the old fillings I missed while rinsing.

A week later to the day I got a blister on the upper lip right where he was pressing down with the mirror handle.

The blister is:
  • Inside the lip, not outside
  • reddish-pink (close to the color of my lips)
  • maybe 1/4" long and thin, appears across the lip not front to back
  • no discernible border like a canker or cold sore

I do have a history of cold sores as a youth, but that was a *long* time ago! It was painful for half a day then not painful at all. I believe it filled with fluid, it was raised, but then reduced in size. It looked like it was still there, or at least you could see where it was. I did not feel it break or pop at all. Then 2 days ago it was painful and raised again in the same spot! Right now it feels fine, and I can maybe feel it raised a little.

At first I thought is was a cold sore of some type as I developed some sinus problems living in this great ever changing Midwest weather over this past weekend after the blister appeared. One symptom I've never had with these before but have now is a case of dry mouth and white spots on my lips. But, I went to sick call this morning, showed the blister to the physician's assistant doing sick call, and she didn't think is was a cold or canker sore either. She did do a tongue scrape to see if I what's on my lips and tongue show signs of Candida. I won't know the results for a few days.

Could this blister be caused by trauma from the mirror handle? If so, why would it take a week to appear?


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