Wisdom Tooth Infection? No pain but bad taste!?

May 10, 2019
I currently have a wisdom tooth which is coming through the gum.

It was previously infected but I visited the dentist, they cleaned it up and told me to look after it and keep it clean which I have been doing. It seemed to have cleared up but some of the symptoms have returned.

I wasn't experiencing any pain after the infection cleared up but it suddenly came back about a week later for a few hours and then disappeared.

I now have no pain at all but a very bad taste in my mouth. The side of my mouth it's on appears the cheek is slightly swollen. It feel like there is some liquid draining.

I'm keeping it clean and using chlorhexidine.

Is this infected or still recovering? At what point do I go back to the dentist? Do I wait for the pain to return or take my current symptoms as a sign something is not right despite having zero pain?



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Did the dentist discuss the need or otherwise for removing the tooth?
Why should you wait for further pain? Lack of pain does not necessarily indicate lack of a problem.
Do you have a large Xray (OPG) to show us?


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