[Xray] Do I need a root canal? Appreciate Second opinion

Feb 23, 2023
Hi All,

I have attached my X-ray the blue arrow indicates the tooth in question... I no longer have pain but

1.) The tooth does feel sensitive

2.) The dentist did do a dry ice test upon which I did not feel anything, I believe that was due to the tooth being heavily filled hence the following day I tried to do the cold test at home, and I got a piece of ice and placed it behind the tooth in question I could feel a sensation so this proves the tooth is still alive..

3.) Above the tooth in question when I press down within the gums I can feel it is sore there and feel pressure... in the past when I have had previous RC on the opposite side this area has been really painful.

I'm not sure if the never is dying or if the tooth just needs a new in lay filling.. the x-ray shows no shadows where there couldn't be infection under the tooth.

I would greatly appreciate a 2nd opinion I have 4 RC already (3 of which have happened due to a mistake of getting vaneers) I really do not want to add another one to the mix if it can be avoided.
The only thing concerning me right now is the tooth sensitivity and the soreness/press I'm feeling above the tooth when pressing down on the gum.


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