Which sort of a person fits to be a dental nurse? Would love to see answers from the dental field

Discussion in 'General Dentistry Discussion' started by alpacka, May 27, 2016.

  1. alpacka


    May 27, 2016
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    Im clearly clueless and have nobody to ask about this. Im in my early 30s and have already a education in computer science but I feel that I want to do more in a practical field,, I would love to be in meds because I love science so I have been thinking about being a dental nurse (dentist is too long education for me and too hard also). I am a person that changing my mind alot, I get easily bored and constantly want to do things, waiting is something thats hard for me. Rolling my thumbs is something that makes my feel really anxious on work so thats impossible, I rather be unemployed then bored.

    • I would LOVE to know what type of person fits as a dental nurse and what type of person that doesnt´? Im very close to say yes to the education but would love to hear first of all some thought about this.

    Im a bit Adhd/aspergers person, what I mean is that I need alot of stimulation for my brain even if Im calm on the outside. I can focus really good when Im interested in something and put all my time on it but also get frustrated when Im bored. Nobody see my inner frustration but I can feel it and thats almost the only reason why I quit jobs (frustration and boredom)

    I can see blood without feeling bad, I have no problem with disgusting things like pukes or other things other think is too much but I cant handle skin diseases (rare conditions when the skin falling off, thats the worse) and I suffer from trypophobia. I can look at pictures of trypophobia (many of these are just fakes) but real once I think I could never handle, my brain get too overwhelmed and I feel dizzy.
    alpacka, May 27, 2016
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  2. alpacka


    Jul 16, 2016
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    I'm a practice manager and for me a dental nurse has to have the following qualities along side the education:
    Enthusiasm, compassionate, kind, great listening skills, accuracy, fast working, sincerity, hard working, flexible towards working hours, can do attitude, ability to work with everyone, and a positive outlook on life. Nursing is a challenging (and sometimes thankless) job. The patients need to trust you, and will often ask you about treatment plans after the dentist has finished (patents see you as more human than the dentist!) The dentist rely on you to be quick and accurate when in surgery and you have to be organised and able to plan ahead. You'll have to be able to handle all different personalities, from difficult and terrified patients to colleagues that are focused and driven to the down right rude people. You liase between dentists and reception - so being part diplomat helps too! Its a challenging position in the practice but a great nurse is worth her weight in gold!
    Sarafbt, Jul 16, 2016
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