Dental supplies business idea in its infancy-seeking knowledgeable person as partner

Oct 26, 2013
Good afternoon,

I just signed up with this forum, and am looking forward to the discussions. I'm an ex Project Manager, Assistant Director, and currently teach on a part-time basis (have been teaching for about 10 years). I have been looking into the possibility of starting an import/export business that focuses on dental supplies (not equipment yet); supplies such as gloves (powder less and powdered, sterile and non-sterile), cotton rolls, endo files, etc. The issue with me is: as much as I've been able to find reliable suppliers, I don't know much about dental/medical supplies, and would love to partner with a dentist, a hygienist, a dental student, or a dental assistant with enough experience to know what she/he is doing. For the marketing and sales aspect of it the plan is to ... (I'll explain more in an email to anyone who might be interested).

I reside in Washington, DC, so my preference is to work with someone in the DC Metro Area (DC, MD, VA), NYC, PA, NC ...; basically the East Coast based individuals. However, I'm definitely open to speaking with and partnering with someone who's not in the East Coast.

This will take hard work, but I believe it can be a very lucrative business. I want the business to be based on HONESTY, INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS, and TRUST. I would like to focus only on products that are risk-free for the patients.

If you have sales/marketing background AS WELL AS dentistry background, then that's even better.

Looking forward to hearing from interested parties,


Joseph K.
Sep 18, 2013
Welcome to the forum. I know a couple people in Arizona, but that's nowhere near Washington DC o_O.

I will keep an eye out throughout the forum for someone located in DC and see if they can help you with your venture!

Have a great day! :cool:

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