Which Practice should I go for?


Jul 23, 2021
Okay so what do I do?

I need a load of work doing and have been failed by UK Dentists in the past. I’ve done lots of research and had plenty of assessments done. One practice was my preferred but is out of my price range in central London.

The second practice is a local London team who seem very experienced with the dentist overseeing the orthodontics being a consultant, qualified lawyer (how did he get time to do that?) and on a professional board of dentists. He assessed me, did a report and would oversee the orthodontics with a specialist consultant who works in hospitals and lectures doing the restorative work. Obviously they’re very experienced but I can’t find reviews on their work and from patients and the one treatment I had from that specialist dentist I have no way of assessing how good it is but I know that it took 2 1/2 hours in the chair (cleaning out decay and putting a post in) with a lot of dribble around my mouth. I also don’t find him particularly good at explaining things.

The other practice is a slick modern practice focusing on cosmetics/aesthetic’s which appeals to me actually because if I’m spending all this money I might well have a good looking smile and beautiful teeth. However, I found it a little concerning that the principle Dentist charged me £79 for an initial consultation but I’m getting no report from that and it was really just a chat about what I want and what his approach is. He refuses to give me a report or even a rough estimate first saying that I need the orthodontics done before they can look at what I need doing.

Opinions please!

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