What sedation should I choose for WT removal?

Feb 11, 2019
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Hi all,
I am dealing with some tooth issues. Jaw pain and swelling under the ear for more than a month. Had sinus Infection and I got antibiotics for that. I thought this jaw pain and swelling is because of the sinus infection.
Then waited for a couple of weeks and went to dentist to check that out. My regular dentist is not available and went to a new dentist. He checked the x-rays and said no infection seen on any tooth. He said, since I have taken antibiotics already, if at all any infection was there and it would have cleared up.
He did bite test and I felt so discomfort on one spot on lower first molar. So he told me that this tooth is causing the jaw pain and swelling under the ear. It might have a fracture. So told me to extract it as RCT will not be successful. He told me to take cbct scan and told me that he couldn't tell for sure there is a fracture. It's not visible on the scan and it is unpredictable. I was totally shocked and I didn't have any pain on that tooth before the visit.
Though I didn't chew much on that side, I feel so tight on all the molars that side.

I went to an Endo to evaluate it. He checked through microscope and said no fracture seen. He didn't either take or see my cbct scan images. During cold spray test, I felt very sensitive on that tooth than other ones. And felt pain and sensitivity to bite on one spot on that tooth during bite test. So, he said might be minor crack and I can get a crown. I told them it's throbbing pain in the jaw while lying down and during the day. He was not sure if the jaw pain and swelling is because of the minor crack and told me to RCT if I cannot bare the pain. I don't know if I can go for RCT for the jaw pain.

Again not a definitive answer and clueless. Been through the same pain and swelling for more than a month. My quality of life is gone really bad. Went to an oral surgeon to check my upper wisdom tooth. I have removed my lower wisdom tooth 19yrs back.

I went to the Oral surgeon on Friday and he said my jaw pain and swelling is because of the erupted upper wisdom tooth and told me to extract it. Prescribed robaxin, valium, ibprufen 800 for jaw pain and inflammation.

I wanted to remove it asap. Before that I am also planning to see another Endo to see if any issue on #30 tooth and that is given a first priority treatment or the upper wisdom tooth.thats really frustrating for me to not get a definitive answer been to many dental office. If that tooth need RCT or extraction, implant and I have to do that too.

Coming to the original query, my lower wisdom tooth has been removed with a numb shot only. Not anesthesia stuff.

Have you used general or local anesthesia for your wisdom tooth removal? If so, how many tooth removal in a visit? All 4? I have 2 upper wisdom tooth left. The oral surgeon if I have to be awake or sleep for the surgery? I said I have to be awake since it's pandemic time. To be honest, I don't know the difference between the 2 anesthesia for wisdom tooth removal.

If I planned to remove those 2 WT in the same spot, do I need general anesthesia? As if now, I want to remove only one on right side as that s causing the pain and swelling for more than a month. Nothing helps to reduce the swelling and pain. It's still the same.

Do I need to wait to go for extraction until the swelling and pain subsides??

Which anesthesia do you recommend? I am nervous about dental procedures. So, what should I chose?

How about the post op for you? How many days does it take for you to recover?

Thanks for reading this here. Thank you!!




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