Wanting referral for teeth extraction

Mar 6, 2021
I've been in periodontal disease maintenance "supposedly" for going on 5 years. Was going for deep cleanings every 3 months like clock work & told things looked good. During that time at least every 3-6 months I would need a filling replaced or patched up, due to pieces braking off etc.. Even have a few teeth that are made up of just filling.. because Medicaid won't cover root canals. BTW "all" of my back teeth have been filled or refilled.

Jump to a year ago with the virus shutting down/closing the Dentist Offices , I went 9 months with no work done. Finally got in & was told I have more bone loss & a wisdom tooth is loose. I have server anxiety attacks & hate needles so I went to a surgeon & was put under. Went back to dentist for 3 month cleaning & another tooth loose on opposite side. At this time I was very upset & told the Dentist if I had known my teeth was that bad I would of had that tooth pulled as well. Dentist tells me lets see if another cleaning will help it.. My teeth/gums are sore -sensitive to hot & cold . So many large fillings I can't enjoy eating either pain or afraid to chew & break fillings off.

So I've decided to have all my back teeth out & get partial dentures down the road. Only I need a referral to a oral surgeon & I'm pretty sure my Dentist won't give me one. Can my Dentist refuse a referral & if so what would be my alternative? I thought of changing Dentists , but seems they all want to save teeth. That's fine for someone that has good insurance or can pay for the work & want to keep up with the upkeep. For me I'm so done.. . Any Help will be apricated good or bad at this point!!



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
You can lose functionality the more teeth you have removed especially on the lower. Partials and full dentures will never function as well. If you don' like or trust your dentist's opinion, by all means find someone you do.

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