OPG without the need of a referral

Jan 4, 2017

Can anyone help as I am looking for a dentist who can offer an OPG (Private) without the need for a referral from my NHS dentist.

Story goes:
I booked an appointment with my dentist to acquire a referral to the local dental academy for an OPG (as my dentist does not have the equipment)
My dentist refused to offer me a referral on the grounds that he was concerned about the level of radiation an OPG would immit.

I have phoned around a few private dentists but none will offer an OPG without a referral.

I am now at a loss as to what to do, as the refusal to offer a referral prevents me from further treatment.

My reason for an OPG is because I have recently had a denture (Replacing a three piece bridge) top front of mouth, but I am having problems adapting to it (Possible more emotionally the anything else) and am happy to go with a two piece implant bridge or three separate implants (Private naturally as not available on the NHS)

My dentist does not offer implants, but has an associate who does.

I feel that I am being held to ransom and that my dentist is being somewhat unethical in their refusal to offer a referral.
I believe the refusal to offer a referral could quite easily affect the health & condition of my teeth & bone in future years, so why would any dentist be happy with this.

My question is, does anyone out there know of a dentist or hospital who can offer an OPG without the need of a referral (UK South East/West and or London area)

I want the OPG so I can pass it around a few dentists to get approx implant costs as I do not have a mass of money and need to find the best option out there.
It's not all about cost, but when you have very little money it is something that must be considered.

Any help and advice gratefully received.



Jan 7, 2017
OPGs can't be taken without a referral and your dentist can't refer you without good justification. that would be unethical. Implant dentists prefer to take mtheir own xrays and in most case they needCT Scans for treatment planning so I would say find a good implant dentist (ideally based on recommendation) and let them do their own assessment and don't worry about taking the OPG done elsewhere. Hope this helps

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