Unusual body reactions after dental work

May 7, 2015
While living in Tulsa, OK, a few years ago, I visited a dentist who filled a few root canals and placed a dental cap on one of my teeth. After I moved to Boston, MA more than two years ago, I began noticing unusual body reactions (I refer to them as unusual because I am a very healthy male person in my 40s, who had not experienced something like this before and, throughout my life time, treated by dentists only) related to that dental work, such as:
- mechanical vibrations in the area of a tooth cap (the cap and tooth themselves sit very firm, but when such mechanical vibrations occur, it feels like there is something inside the tooth, like a tiny electrical/electronic device, which causes the vibrations);
- deeply cutting tongue with teeth while eating resulting in bleeding, strong pain, and headaches (as if "something" continue holding the tongue between teeth when jaws are closing instead of letting it return to its normal position); unusual pricking in the heart and prostate when I read something very familiar or related to my bio on electronic devices (pc, cell phone, etc.); unusual spasms in the head area happening when I talk to certain people and resulting in headaches afterwards (and felt like "controlled" headaches, because they stop as unpredictably as they begin); and hands and legs jerking (as if I am hit by electric current), which especially dangerous when happen during road crossings and cause to stumble;
- subcutaneous contractions in the areas of face (corners of mouth and eyes, cheeks, etc.), fingers, limbs - again, when I read something very familiar or related to my bio on electronic devices.
I think the dentist inserted something inside the teeth, and that device now causes the described body reactions. Another ugliest part of the issue is that, when I visited about 10 dental clinics in Boston, MA for the period of two years while it is going on (including the clinic at Harvard university and the clinic of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital), their dentists pretended they had never met anybody with the similar issue before, as if I were their first visitor with such complaint, gave vague responses or declined to answer some questions at all, and could not, from their words, precisely identify the source of the problem.
I decided to begin with getting the dental cap removed. Is there anything else I need to know, which may be helpful to solve the problem?

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