My unusual bite marks on hawley retainers

Feb 13, 2018

Nothing wrong with me but just thought it would be interesting to share, excuse the bacteria forming on my retainers I don't wear them anymore so they've just been left to collect dust. My orthodontists were shocked after I took my hawley retainers out after a few weeks they gave it to me, there were very deep bite marks on the bite plane and they had never seen anything like it, a lot of other Royal London hospital employees came to see it themselves and were in awe. They had to scrap that one and gave me a new one with a substantially bigger bulge at the place where I rest my teeth and a different form of acrylic to compensate for the strong bite( the one in the pic), but few weeks later same thing happened lol. (Where you see the slight indents was where the rounded extra bulge was) Maybe it is a common occurrence and it's just my dentists that haven't seen it before, I find it pretty cool though and why could it be that my jaw is so strong? I used to grind a lot when I was around 11 or 12 and had a lot of rough scraping on my hard palate.

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