Teeth loose 1yr+ after aligners - eligible for bonded retainers?

Mar 11, 2021
Back in 2019 I began a private course of treatment by online aligners, of which I needed 16 plus a retainer. Post-treatment, I’ve been wearing the retainer religiously for just over a year (20-22 hours a day, never missed 1 night, literally only take them out to eat!)

If I take them out for even 2 hours, I get splitting headaches and my teeth loosen quickly - I’ve been living on painkillers and dependent on my plastic retainer day in day out which affects my speech. It’s clear that after a year they just won’t stay put.

I’ve contacted several private dentists and they won’t fit a fixed retainer if they themselves haven’t done the orthodontic treatment (no luck with the original company either). I’m desperate at this point as my chance of relapse is definite without a fixed appliance, visiting my NHS dentist soon hoping I’ll be eligible for a bonded one - what do you think?

edit: 2nd time having orthodontics at age 25, I was considered a severe case for braces at age 7 but thanks to my wisdom teeth they started to shift back again

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