Crown color does not match existing teeth and crowns

Mar 10, 2021
I am having problems with a new crown. On the invoice it states that it is a porcelain/ceramic crown. This dentist, who specializes in cosmetic dentistry according to her website, has made six or seven crowns for me previously over a period of 15 years. She said the crowns were made of porcelain and reinforced with metal. Each time I was happy with the look and the color of the crown. Now a new crown has been made by the laboratory for a seventh tooth. This time the color does not match my existing teeth because it is much lighter. Three attempts have been made by the laboratory to correct the color. A new crown was made which also did not match. The last time this laboratory made a crown for me was 3 years ago and it was perfect.

When 3 attempts failed to correct the color my dentist said that she and I would visit the laboratory to get a good color match. When the specified day came to visit the dental laboratory, I did not hear from the dentist. She backed out and has made no attempt to let me know what her plan is to complete my in progress dental work. Before this work on my tooth started, I offered to visit the dental laboratory by myself, so all these problems with getting the right crown color would be avoided.

This is my question. Am I obligated to accept this imperfect crown? Can I be firm on getting the right color? How should this situation be handled? Can I go to another dentist and hope for better results? I have Delta Dental insurance and I have paid $561.00 out of pocket.

I would like to hear about your experiences in a similar situation. I would be grateful for your opinions and advice.

Kathy S.



Verified Dentist
Jun 14, 2018
I don't like porcelain fused to metal. As the porcelain bonds to metal, there are opaque layers that will never match. Too often I see porcelain separate or fracture off the metal. I like all-ceramic crowns like zirconia for back molars and E-Max for anteriors. I'm surprised that your "cosmetic" dentist still uses PFMs. You should not accept crowns that you don't like.
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