Severe pain nine days after root canal

May 16, 2017
I had a root canal on my upper left cainine nine days ago. The root canal took two hours and four vials of novicaine. They said my tooth was the longest theyd seen at 28 mm vs the normal 22-25mm
The day after i had very little pain mostly tissue pain. That night i layed down and woke to severe pain in my upper left quadrant. It shot into my ear and eye and nose and made it impossible to do anything but hold my face and rock back and forth. I went to the dentist five days after the root canal and the dentist said it was normal pain and that they had to drill right up against my sinus cavity and thats the pain i feel. Ive had root canals none of this feels normal. They said i had an infection from a filling that was done too deep. I had no tooth pain before the procedure. The pain reminds me of trigeminal neuralgia. I had it for a year a long time ago in the opposite side. I dont know how to get the dentist to listen. I dont want him to through more percocet at me. I want him to fix whats hurting. How do i make him hear me?


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