Root canal retreatment outcomes

Jan 25, 2023
who has had a retreatment of a root canal due to biting pain and pressure, and had it be a missed canal and not a crack? I am hoping that the retreatment fixes my problem and it doesn’t turn out to be a crack & have to have the tooth pulled. I have had two cone beam, x-rays lots of other regular x-rays time. was advised by three different Dentists to go ahead with the retreatment & the endodontist will be retreating soon. This is a year old root canal that never felt good from before the root canal of afterwards. I always had the biting pain. It got worse after the dentist put the permanent crown and core on. I am extremely anxious about the whole thing and can’t believe I have to go through this again after doing it last year. In fact, it’s going to have caused me anxiety for almost 2 years By the time it is done.

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