reverse bite correction: general dentist or specialist?

Mar 16, 2015
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I have experience, I went to a couple of general dentists (at least 4) they said I was OK, no periodontal disease. I then went to a specialist he said I had mild periodontal disease that required deep cleaning treatment.

Now Obviously I have reverse bite, I don't know if I should go to a general dentist or a specialist for the correction.

A general dentist recommended by my friend said he could correct my reverse bite without taking ANY x-ray. He said to me, "Science and theory is one thing, real hand-on experience is another story, who to trust? trust your feeling, all dentists are different ''

Another general dentist (but I don't like him) said he ALL correction requires X-ray. The reason I don't like him is he is like a marketing guy more than a dentist and he charges a lot.

My sister says there is an inexpensive specialist for teeth correction here - I have looked up the dentist, yes he does not charge much and he is even a specialist, however, he has a history of lawsuit by his patient many years ago because of medical mistakes

So now. Who sounds more reliable? I really have no idea!! But I really have a plan for teeth correction next year.

A. General dentist (he ';ve got many patient, but he said no x-ray is needed, sounds like he is not very scientific guy)

B. General dentist (he charges a lot, but he is like a marketing guy rather than a dentist)

C. The inexpensive specialist (whom has history of medical mistakes)


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