RCT 3 weeks ago, sensitivity to hot and cold foods

Aug 19, 2021
I got a RCT 3 weeks ago because I have a crack in a molar, which was identified because I was feeling sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Even after my RCT, I have sensitivity to hot and cold foods in my molar and it feels like it's getting more sensitive over time. I have checkup with my endodontist in 1 week (4 weeks from RCT), but I'm getting concerned that this was a failed RCT. If I require another treatment, would my endodontist cover the costs or would I have to?

Note that I plan on getting a crown on my molar, but my endodontist recommended waiting 4-6 weeks from the RCT procedure to ensure the RCT was successful before putting a crown on the tooth.


Dr M

Verified Dentist
May 31, 2019
Good day

It can sometimes take a month for the root canal to settle after treatment has been completed. But if the pain did not subside with your next check-up, mention this to the endodontist. He might need to take another CBCT in order to evaluate any missed canals or cracks.


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