Problems after composite fillings

Aug 1, 2014
So to make a long story short, I haven't gone to the dentist in about 7 years, due to my fear of all the injections I have to get to become numb, and I finally went about 2 weeks ago. Had 4 small gum line cavities (molars 19, 29, 30, 31- I hope those are the right numbers!) my dentist said they went a tiny bit under the gum during the fillings. Honestly most of my appointment was spent getting my teeth actually numb, once he was drilling he was only on each individual tooth for less than a minute-about a minute. I expected to be sore considering I got them all filled on the same day, could still feel part of the procedure, and the amount of injections I had to have in my lower jaw. All of this work was done a little over a week ago, haven't had any sensitivity to heat and very minimal sensitivity to cold (I've had composite fillings before and the cold feels pretty normal for my teeth). I've had a couple bite pressure zings on 2 of my teeth, but that stopped after day 3 or 4. My main concern is that three nights ago I woke up early in the morning to throbbing pain, I couldn't pin point a tooth, but it was coming from my right side. I stood up, and within 45 seconds the entire pain was gone, and I experienced the same throbbing last night, but again not a specific tooth. I also have a soreness on my right side (where I had 3 fillings) and it tends to feel aggravated when I eat anything hard. But again to clarify, it's not painful, just almost feels like I flossed my gums too hard or how your teeth feel right after you get braces. Are my teeth just trying to recover from being drilled, or do I have a more serious problem here? I definitely don't have a bite problem, due to the fact my fillings are on my gum line, and it would be pretty noticeable, and I've had a high bite on previous fillings so I know what it feels like.

I almost feel like I'm almost making my teeth feel worse then they are, like I could possibly be clenching my jaw in my sleep and making myself believe there is truly a problem. I've been reading a lot about reversible and irreversible pulpitis, does it sound like I have the symptoms of either?

I'm waiting until the end of the week to go back to my dentist, so any suggestions on what might be going on would be greatly appreciated!

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