Dental Implant Problems

Mar 11, 2019
Hello, I have had a titanium dental implant 2 weeks ago, have been on antibiotics for 1 week. It was an extraction of previous screw-retained crown, and implant placed in the same procedure. There was also bovine bone graft placed. Then I was told to wait 4 months for the porcelain crown to be placed. The same day I started noticing some tingle on the lips, however it was on the opposite side of the face, the dentist told me there was no nerve affected, so apparently it was not paresthesia. Something else I noticed is a metal taste coming directly from the implant. It's like having literally a 9 volt battery in the mouth all the time. Some days after the implant, I also started noticing some tremors on the fingers and some muscle contractions in arms, none of this was there before the implant surgery. Although the lips tingle is still there, it is not as strong as before, but still quite annoying, however I am also worried about the fingers. Visiting and telling the dentist about this, on the second week the dentist recommended me to be on antibiotics for another week to prevent infection. I am now probably going to see the dentist/surgeon again, and I am personally considering pulling the implant out. I feel like something is not right. Looking on the internet, but being no specialist myself, I suspect either "oral galvanism" or some kind of autoimmune response to the metals of the implant. Do you think this is possible? I have read that no implant in the world is 100% titanium, and that they always contain other metals. Depending on the metal, our system can reject it or show some allergy to the implant. Have you had any similar case or do you have any similar experience like this? I already have another titanium dental implant for many years without any issues, but after investigating a bit, I realized its from another brand. Apparently the other implant is better quality than this one.

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