Pericoronitis affecting multiple wisdom teeth

Jul 22, 2023
I am 34 years old. Two years ago I had my bottom right wisdom tooth extracted following several episodes of pericoronitis. There have been no issues on that side since. However, on several occasions this year I have experienced pericoronitis in all of my 3 remaining wisdom teeth. My dentist says they have all grown out fully so there is no reason to extract them. I also brush and floss very carefully around the wisdom teeth, and even use a water flosser after every single meal. Yet still I have recurrent episodes of pericoronitis where the gum swells, is painful and bleeds. I often experience this on one upper wisdom tooth first, and shortly after the other upper wisdom tooth is affected too. I don’t understand why this has suddenly started happening this year despite good hygiene. I thought there might be a connection between my sinuses/ lymphatic drainage and this problem, as the glands on the roof of my mouth at the back often feel sore (even when I have no pericoronitis) and I do often experience sinus issues at the same time, however my dentist doesn’t believe there is any connection. Grateful for some guidance please as I am not sure what to do.



Verified Dentist
Mar 18, 2018
Would like to see an OPG (full mouth xray). Generally, most people don't fit their wisdoms in their moths well enough to maintain them, so recurrent pericoronitis or decay is likely.


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