Pericoronitis Paaaaain.. ow.

Mar 16, 2018
Hello everyone!

Roughly two weeks ago I woke up with a sore throat... In my mouth. Weird, right? Went away after a couple of days. Came back, went away again. Now it's been back for a full week and getting worse. It spread to my ear.

I went to a dentist on Tuesday. They did x-rays and an exam and said I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled. He gave me amoxicillin, cool.

Went back yesterday so they could do a cleaning. Also cool.

Today I wake up and it's like the pain has doubled, maybe even tripled. My ear no longer hurts, that's good. But I can't even chew without being in pain. I can't close my mouth all the way, wiggling side to side hurts. Any pressure hurts. When I talk it's like I have to talk with my mouth barely moving because the up and down motion creates more ouch.

I'm taking the amoxicillin and also 800mg of ibuprofen every four hours. It barely helps.

I have no idea when I can get in to see an oral surgeon about removing my teeth. What can I do for the pain?

Ouch-face. :(

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