Apr 20, 2017
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Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can help but sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place!

I am having quite bad pain in the back left of my mouth to the point it's struggle to sleep, the symptoms both in terms of the pain and what I'm seeing in my mouth (red inflamed gums overlapping the molar) suggest it might be Pericoronitis.

Stupidly, I've not registered at a dentist in years and none near me are accepting new patients. They are also quoting £85-£100 just for the appointment but I cannot afford that.

Does anyone know how long / if this is likely to clear on it's own?

Is there any medicine that you can recommend that could be ordered online or from a pharmacy rather than having to get antibiotics from the dentist?

We go on holiday on the 6th of May (2 weeks) and this would completely ruin it.

Thanks in advance for any help :)



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